Weather app
Meizu Pro 5

After recent update to (clean update) my weather app won’t find any cities :( I can only select from list and search doesn’t give results. It was working before and now it’s sad and annoying. Does anyone knows where my problem is?


@simsunas someone with the m2 reported a similar issue. Seems like you are not alone with it, most likely a coding mistake.
Temporary you maybe want to use Yahoo Weather (my personal preference).

Meizu Pro 5

@Rey thanks! I really like the native app minimalistic look so I can’t find something like it.
It is strange. It was working in previous versions. Now search won’t even find cities that are available in list…
Maybe replacement with older version would help? :O


@simsunas that might work out. However, I heard it is said to cause issues when playing around with the weather app.
But sure, give it a try.

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