Meizu U20 how to ID change?

i have Meizu U20 with Y firmware so i need to reflash it to G firmware.
Is there any way to do that like ID changing or some other procedure and how to do it if have???



Salve @neogeo (couldn’t resist due to your latin signature) ;).
As of now I didn’t saw any methods available to do that for the U20, especially since the ID hasn’t been posted yet.
However, if you find the ID you could try to use one of the methods described in this guide. Of course you would need to adjust the ID then.

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Salve et gratias tibi!
My Chinese favourite seller told me yesturday that all U20 in his store are with G fimware so ALEA IACTA EST! For a month, Meizu U20 3GB/32GB Black wersion will be at my home :)
tnx again

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I finally have it my U20 (arrived from China/Montenegro) and just to report that firmware is inside my phone :)

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