3 Problems (deep sleep?, aux)

I’m the owner of a Meizu m2 Note, currently using the Version and I have 3 major problems.
I’m not quite sure if these problems have a solution, if not, a consideration to fix these in future updates would be great.
Anyways here are my 3 problems:

  1. Music player (Spotify, Phonograph) get shut down in lock screen while playing music. The App simply closes after around 20 minutes.

  2. I only receive WhatsApp messages after I open the app. I can open the app then close it again and only then i receive notifications of messages. This notification works for around half to a full hour. After that I have to reopen WhatsApp.

  3. The aux port of my car doesn’t work with this phone ( all other phones work fine). Is there a way that the Meizu m2 Note doesn’t support every aux port?

I think my first 2 problems have the same issue. I hope to get help. Have a nice day!

  1. Swipe up so the recent apps show up. Press and hold on the app name to lock it in memory (lock will appear).
    Also be sure all permissions were granted in the Security center.

  2. Check Security center settings.

  3. Is this a new issue? If it always existed there is not much you can do. Otherwise wait for an update.

  1. Thanks, I didn’t knew about the “recent app feature”. It fixed my music player issue.
  2. Checked the settings; seems alright (auto launch and notification is activated). Still the same problem.
  3. It probably changed from version 4. _ to 5. _ ( worked fine as i bought the phone)
    Anyways, thank you for your fast reply and help.
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You are welcome.

Issue No.2 is most likely related to Flyme’s horrible RAM management which results in many notifications to be “lost”.
This bug has been reported a long time ago, but Flyme developers do not seem to get it under control.

If you ask me I would go back to Flyme 4. It wasn’t perfect either, but it defenitely worked better than Flyme 5.

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