Photo count

Is there a way to see the total number of photos I have shot with my MX5?


As far as I know you cannot see that directly. The camera app offers you to check how much storage is free. However, the Gallery should always show a number of the taken pictures inside of a folder.

I can’t find any such info in gallery. I was thinking maybe the photo filename would keep a number in each photo, but the filename doesn’t make any sense to me.


@dimis52 strange. I remember very well that if you opened the Gallery app it would have showed you.
Just for my general understandance. You are asking for the amount of the current pictures or the pictures you have taken overall? Like from day 1 until now.

Sorry I misunderstood, yes gallery shows total number inside each folder. I am asking day 1 until now


@dimis52 thats quite difficuilt. As far as I am aware of cameras do not count the amount of taken pictures overall. At least phone cameras. Maybe they do that temporary, but this would require an additional memory chip that is not overwritten. Would cost extra money, even if it is a couple of cents. Not to mention the space.

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