Meizu MX4 YunOS

There is some news that there is Mx4 with YunOS it have better batery autonomy. If someone has it please post it with instruction for instalation.

It cannot be downloaded yet.

I know, but it would be nice to post links here when it’s available, and to share our experiences about it.

I just expect that it will not be like YunOS 2, because in YunOS 2 it was difficult to install Google Apps without patching them before :/

So this is actually a Yun OS 3 with flyme appearance and user interface… but how can be usefull or better than real flyme outside from china?

Better protection, better performances (speed increased by 11%) and battery (33% in more) :)

@‘furious.builder’ said:

Better protection, better performances (speed increased by 11%) and battery (33% in more) :)

Is that what they say?

Yun OS will ported officially on MX4?

Yes, I expect that we could be able to download YunOS version as soon as 4.0.3 will be released :)


Yun OS will most probably be pretty china centric…
And no way of telling how nicely it will play with Google services yet… So make sure you wait for reviews before making a jump to it if they release an upgradable package…

Thanks for the info. No root but still for a phone without custom roms, brand new hardware and who knows what kind of beta drivers it’s always good to have an alternative, in the future :)

GreyGhost : I had YunOS 2 on my previous phone, it’s more for China but we could disable China specific apps :) But to install the GApps we had to patch them before :/

Meizu MX4 running YunOS -
Yunos with Flyme UI offers 33% autonomy improvement and 11% performance improvement compared to pure Flyme and much better security.


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