I’m selling my Meizu MX5 for parts. I have all parts working except display, like home button, battery, body with that stuffs that are connected with it, cameras and so on. So, if you need something let me know and we can make a deal.
I ship from Slovakia and prices to Europe countries are around 2-3 euros, it depends on weight and possible insurance.

Here are some images of parts:
5_1478442101718_IMG_5835.jpg 4_1478442101717_IMG_5833.jpg 3_1478442101717_IMG_5829.jpg 2_1478442101717_IMG_5827.jpg 1_1478442101717_IMG_5821.jpg 0_1478442101716_IMG_5817.jpg

Except these parts I have 3 covers and 3 tempered glass for MX5 (I have nothing to do with them anymore).
Here are pics of them and prices:

Plastic cover for 1€:
1_1478442351646_IMG_5848.jpg 0_1478442351646_IMG_5846.jpg

Aluminium frame with plastic back for 2€:
1_1478442472063_IMG_5839.jpg 0_1478442472062_IMG_5838.jpg

Aluminium frame with rubber housing for 3€:
2_1478442537866_IMG_5845.jpg 1_1478442537866_IMG_5843.jpg 0_1478442537866_IMG_5842.jpg

And these tempered glasses, every for 2€:
1_1478442588971_IMG_5856.jpg 0_1478442588971_IMG_5855.jpg
1_1478442608463_IMG_5859.jpg 0_1478442608463_IMG_5858.jpg

So, if you want something, let me know in PM or on my email sterver12345(at)gmail(dot)com

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