Goodbye Metal M1

I bought the phone in February. No one ever write in all the reviews I have read that this is a Chinese only phone! Apparently Meizu gave its name but its an Alibaba phone (figures because Meizu is apparently ashamed of this phone and list this new phone under "other phones and not so polular (!)). Anyway, a fine piece of hardware absolutely ruined by crappy software and no support outside China was reason enough for me to quit and call it a day with this phone. Never again any Meizu, Xiaomi or whatever they are called, no matter how hard they will advertise their products. Software is crappy and support as well. I have now a Huawei 6p with support in my country and limitless possibilities regarding custom roms. So, goodbye Meizu M1 metal (or blue charm, or whatever you care to call yourself …)


@Milky1 unfortunate experience on which I couldn’t agree more.
Meizu has a relatively nice hardware, but a horrible and totally unacceptable software. Therefore I am quite happy to own a Pro 5 which luckily has custom roms (no comparison to Flyme). However, I would demand that you do not give up at all on chinese devices.

There are many manfucaturers like Huawei which do a great job and so there are others inside of China who do same. For example LeTV/LeEco is not to be regreted either or even Vivo (quite expensive, but strong after service). The only recommendation I can give to you is to do more research and not only believe what you see in reviews. No matter who does them - a review is nothing else like an opinion - unsubjective. Best is to go and ask forums and even then remain critical.

I’m just commenting for the shake of discussion.

I think it’s a little bit a matter of taste and the kind of usage someone does. I can imagine why could be unsatisfied with M1 Metal in particular, since it has a lot of non-removable Chinese Apps. But I think if you are ok with having your Phone in English language and if you put all the non-removable Chinese Apps in a folder, where you have disabled the push notifications of them, and just them let them be in the Folder and forget them there, then I think the phone functions pretty well. And the Flyme 5, personally at least, I find it very nicely designed. The combination of the hardware and the software I think really gives a very premium feeling.

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