Is it possible to install on 'A' (Chinese) model?

Hi there,

I bought my M3 note in Chine in May. Always had A version of the Firmware, but now I see official G version.
Before making any mistake, I want to be sure I can install it as any other version of A firmware, as I 'm not sure to have the ‘valid’ model mentioned in flymeos forum: both L91 and M91.
My model serial number is 91QEBNM2CE8P

Thanks in avance


@thierrite it should be. However, as of now I didn’t heared it is possible on the m3 note.
As you might have heard or seen already bypasses exist for other devices, but as of now I am not aware of a m3 note one.
Maybe give it some time and someone will come up with a proper solution.

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Thanks to both of you!.
No rush for me… I keep an eye on comments around to see people’s feedback.

i have int m3 note cant working lastet frimware play market gogle service how fix (

@az.senol Reinstall the google play store and services once again

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