Newbe questions

Im new. Im from Poland - greetings to all ?.
I hale same quastions abym my Meizu MX4:

  • i have a 4.02U firmware (its chinese Wright?) and what a different firmware i can install on my Meizu? How to do it?
  • what is a differents between chinese and international version?
  • there is some gliches on the firmware. When the new update is coming?
    In The end… Sorry for my English, is not the Best :P


Yes 4.0.2U is chinese version, you can install 4.0.2A (generic version, for all operators) and 4.0.2C (version for China Mobile), you can try the 4.0.2I (international version) but all models are not compatible.
There is no real differences between 4.0.2A and 4.0.2I, just chinese apps are deleted in the I :)
You can have the Google Play Store on all versions, but in the 4.0.2A, U and C, you may need to install “Google Installer” app.

Normally, there will be a new version soon because in early november, the Meizu MX4 will be launched in our stores in France but translation is not correct so they must release an update :)

Have a nice day :)

Thx. Now i knew everything.
And for U. Have a nice day ;)

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