Flyme upgrading takes me over and over again to the recovery screen

Hi guys, great site with great info, thanks a bunch for it. Although, I have a problem i cant solve, though reading through all your FAQ and different guides:

I have installed the newest Flyme version ( on my M1 Note. I put the file in the root directory (through my pc), and in the recovery screen I choose ‘system upgrade’, then pushing ‘start’. So the phone actually is doing the upgrade, and restarts - but then goes back to the recovery screen. I have tried to also clear data and also to reinstall the mentioned Flyme version over and over again - though nothing helps. It keeps on coming back to the recovery screen.

Just to clarify- I don’t push the ‘+’ volume button and then ‘power’ - I use only the power button, and yet recovery screen shows up. additionally, when I charge the device, it turns on automatically, again to the recovery screen.

If any of you have a clue how to solve this annoying problem, I’d be grateful.

Many thanks,

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@aloni85 it sounds for me like something went wrong during the first flashing process.
Did you tried to connect the device over USB to a PC? Usually a recovery partition should appear, where you can place the once again. Maybe that one will help.

Hey Rey, thanks for answering.
Yep, I did the procedure through my PC, placed the file in the recovery partition. I have tried it couple of times, yet it didn’t help…

@Rey oh crap. That’s bad news. How certain would you say your diagnose is?

Try also some other Rom to install.

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