MX4 bluetooth problem

I recently bought car radio sony mex-xb100bt which supports bluetooth pairing and music playing. However when i pair it with my Meizu MX4 the signal is super laggy. I can only hear few words of the songs, but if the phone rings or i get messages, the sound is ok. I tried playing song from youtube (to try something different from my stock music player) and it was stil the same. When i pair the radio with friends’ phones( iphone 4, samsung galaxy s4 and s5 ) the sound is ok and clear, so it must be something with my meizu… Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. I just updated to the latest global flyme version and the problem still exists.

I just downgraded to flyme 4.5.6I and the sound is perfect. I gues its marshmallow issue only …

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