More Apps on Screen

Hi, i am wondering why on a larger MX4 Display only is space for four App Rows. On my MX3 with smaller Display i have five Rows. Somebody here to know if its possible to change the quantity of rows on mx4?

If you modify the code of the launcher it’s possible, but nobody has done that yet.

Ok, but it’s a little bit strange… Bigger screen but less space.
Do you have the same bad build quality with your new mx4? Mine arrived yesterday. And i was shocked about the bad glue quality between screen and beezel.

My camera glass broke when I dropped my phone from a relatively small height with screen facing down. But I haven’t seen poor gluing (yet).

Very bad and very sad :@

That’s very poor indeed…

That’s unacceptable even from cheap chinese clones…from where did you purchased it? in my opinion you should return it to seller.

No its no clone. It was proof by sn with meizu. The first batch of white mx has too much glue

I didn’t mean that it’s a clone, anyway will you keep it?



If you can remove it I would keep it.
Otherwise you shouldn’t accept something like this and send it back to Meizu.

I recommend you to make more pictures for them and documentate everything as good as you can.

I bought it from my favorite aliexpress shop which i know as long time. It’s indeed a quality build problem. But now removed the too much glue and it looks better

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