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Hi all!
the reviews i read about the Meizu MX3 came out not long
after the device’s release, which mean they are based on
the early firmware version it came with.
i was wondering if some specific flaws mentioned in the reviews
had been fixed with newer Flyme updates.
i read theres an annoyance with the video camera, where you see
what you film at 4:3 but the recorded material is cropped to 16:9.
has this been fixed yet?
and what about battery life?



Video recording only has 3 options: 480p, 720p and 1080p - all of which are differently sized of course so a tiny difference in crop and aspect ratio is natural - but I couldn’t confirm the problem with cropping from 16:9 to 4:3 or vice versa so either the problem is fixed or there never really was any problem.

Battery is ok if you charge each night - as usual.

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I can also confirm no problems here…battery gives me 4.5 - 6 hours screen depending the use with wifi 3g on. I had a minor problem with video stuttering but it’s ok now.

i read that when you film, you see a 4:3 image onscreen, but the recorded material is actually cropped from the top and bottom of the video, making it 16:9.
so this isnt true?

In my mx3 is WYSIWYG 16:9, the only thing is that live view during video recording does a little zoom. Video quality is very good, especially for close-ups…


Of course it is a possibility, but I honestly dont believe it. First someone can mistakenly call the cropping “issue” an issue with aspect ratio, and then if you record in 4:3 the Flyme default video player can play it in screen size and one doesnt notice the setting etc…

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sorry Samanen i didnt understand what you said @_____@


I dont think the problem ever existed, or if it did, it is fixed now. I believe its rather one of the following:

Someone might have called the slight crop the camera app does an aspect ratio issue. (lack of knowledge)
or 2nd
someone recorded in 4:3 and played it but Flyme video player scaled the video to full screen and one thinks it is an issue with the camera because they dont recognize the feature or know how to control it.

or something like this… simple misunderstanding anyway.

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