Flyme OS stable (m1 metal)


  • Upgrade red envelope assistant function, support QQ grab red envelope.
  • Fingerprint Unlocking and Screen Lock Separate Settings, “Document Locked Area” and “Application Password” can be associated with Flyme account, forgotten password can be reset using the Flyme account password.
  • Mobile phone housekeeper flow module new revision.
  • System input method to move the voice input to the space bar, long press the space bar to identify and enter the first use of support for language selection.
  • Reading new sign-in function, after the sign will receive points, coupons and other incentives.

Otherwise same as

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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Hi, my Pebble smartwatch is disconnecting randomly on this version. Under the last stable version it was OK. Why?

Hay I am m1 metal user since one year ago and I have one problem with default note application in my phone. I made encrypt password but I forget after setting,
what my problem is I cant reset or change encrypt note password no key and no setting found to reset I made clear data from recovery mode, I made version update but problem is still until now since I bought this
I have no idea please help me, reply me


@thura I have no idea on that one. Maybe try unlocking it by using the Flyme password, otherwise go to the Settings and check out for your Flyme account. You should be able to change that.

no setting for try to unlocking with flyme account sir. I tried all respective solution, include; format with SP Flasher, recovery as well as made firmware upgrading official update and flash with SP, change new flyme account, etc … .I check what i can do with flyme password on this latest version but no idea sir. Really thanks for your reply sir :)

hello my m1 metal i am not remember my pin code and finger print p/s help me

Meizu m3s

Two ways of recovering.

  • Go to meizu service centre with proof of purchase and ask for it to be reset
  • Use the MRT Dongle to recover phone (unknown success rate)
Meizu m2

Hii sir in my m2 mini 4.5.4I flymeos & I have update that with 5.1.11 for that I have download file but when tap on file for update after firmware check system sms is file currupt so I try same with 5.1.6 but same problem I face with other stebal version PLC guide how can update m2 mini flymeos

Meizu m3s

A corrupted firmware is usually the ID of the phone does not match the firmware your trying to install. You can bypass this by using these methods If nothing works a custom rom is also an option.

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