Flyme OS stable (m1 note)


  • Upgrade red envelope assistant function, support QQ grab red envelope.
  • Fingerprint Unlocking and Screen Lock Separate Settings, “Document Locked Area” and “Application Password” can be associated with Flyme account, forgotten password can be reset using the Flyme account password.
  • Mobile phone housekeeper flow module new revision.
  • System input method to move the voice input to the space bar, long press the space bar to identify and enter the first use of support for language selection.
  • Reading new sign-in function, after the sign will receive points, coupons and other incentives.

Otherwise same as

Flyme OS
Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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I am waiting for general version

I’ve installed yesterday on my M1 and all ok except the auto-rotate screen function.
It does not work anymore.
Any suggestions?

I recommend clear setup again.

Some time ago I installed software version “A”, and now I can’t back to version “G”. I can update software only from update service app, because if I download update manually, and try install it, then after reboot my phone view message that it can’t find or recognize firmware. Anyone know how to fix it?

thanks meizu for updates.You are giving my 2 years m1 note still regular monthly updates.

Meizu m1

@Paolo. The push messages (email, whatsapp, etc…) working correctly in your casr with this version? Any problems with google account?. Thanks for your response.

There is no problem with google account and notifications

Meizu m1

Thank you. I try to install this version!!! 😷

Meizu m1

OK. Firmware installed OK. Works Fine in my M1 Note!!. All OK (notifications, push, google account/play store, mail, calendar, users, and general Behavior,… ). I have udated from beta version to stable.
Fresh install (clear data from device)
Install google installer from Flyme AppCenter and execute it.
login in your google account (play store)
Restore data and app’s from my Flyme account.
Root device and select regional languaje (spanish) with Locale & Languaje APP (requires root)
pair with my SONY Smartwatch 3
pair with my car bluetooth.
I am very happy with this version. I recommend this…

@Paolo, no problems in my case with auto-rotation screen.
Thank you @Meizufan for your response.

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My gps not working. Everything else is ok.

Meizu m1

Gps is ok in my case. Fast as usual…

After upgrade to flyme, the screen of my m1 note cannot be rotated automatically! OMG!!

How could I fix it?

my youtube app cannot open
its just loading and loading for along time

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