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  • Flyme OS stable (m2 note)


    • Upgrade red envelope assistant function, support QQ grab red envelope.
    • Fingerprint Unlocking and Screen Lock Separate Settings, “Document Locked Area” and “Application Password” can be associated with Flyme account, forgotten password can be reset using the Flyme account password.
    • Mobile phone housekeeper flow module new revision.
    • System input method to move the voice input to the space bar, long press the space bar to identify and enter the first use of support for language selection.
    • Reading new sign-in function, after the sign will receive points, coupons and other incentives.

    Otherwise same as

    Flyme OS
    Flyme OS

    Flyme OS

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  • Since when does the M2 note has a fingerprint sensor anyway??

  • Above question seconded

  • @prabhucandy @IMC-Destroyer That’s simply the generic changelog, and it does apply for many Meizu devices, some does have fingerprint sensor …

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • 0_1478086392384_S61102-132742.jpg
    error when trying to use google play store

  • No volte

  • @udaykiran Note 2 hardware isn’t volte compliant…

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • T9 search still doesn’t work on M2 Note ver, very bad.

  • no fingerprint unlocking…

  • @Tomislav-Repajić Note 2 doesn’t have fingerprint sensor, so it’s not surprising …

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • M I only person facing heating issue in g version?

  • @doron81 perform the Update again from system rom installer twrp interface of flyme

    that is … by pushing POWER on and Volume at startup (when u see meizu logo )

    then perform system upgrade and DON’T FORGET TO CLEAR DATA CACHE also

    mine worked fine when i cleared data cache during update process…

    remember to backup your files before this…

  • G version more faster in this version …

  • Hey I did the update from my phone and now my m2 note is dead

    i tried to charge it , and still dead


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