Flyme OS stable (m3 note)


  • Upgrade red envelope assistant function, support QQ grab red envelope.
  • Fingerprint Unlocking and Screen Lock Separate Settings, “Document Locked Area” and “Application Password” can be associated with Flyme account, forgotten password can be reset using the Flyme account password.
  • Mobile phone housekeeper flow module new revision.
  • System input method to move the voice input to the space bar, long press the space bar to identify and enter the first use of support for language selection.
  • Reading new sign-in function, after the sign will receive points, coupons and other incentives.

Otherwise same as

Flyme OS
Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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hi i have meizu m3 note L681H with flyme how i update to i tried the normal way it say update corrupted plz help i really want this version

how to change theme apps language,

one important question for flyme team:

  1. why you don’t concentrated on other then a version?

  2. all thinks are good on your os layout, launcher but , simply wasted (other country user unable to use your (flyme apps) because languages problems

3.why a version rom is not have a full language pack ?

  1. are you’re interest in development, sales , good place in market?
    if have interest answer: take care of user opinions. seriously many question does not replying flyme team.

  2. try to do best on your works or leave form other country market ( do not sale mobile out of China )

  3. first fulfill your rom package .
    and you’r not interest support m3 note?
    then why you sold in india and other country?(other then china) like to use maizu mobile only china people’s?

i am waiting for your reply.

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@tbkarthic You know this is NOT an official flyme web right? So there is no place for your “demands”…
Take a look at this and ask your questions there (good luck, by the way).

This is a web of good willing people just trying to help.

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I want to go back to the stock version that is of m3 note …but i cant go whenever i try to do so…it says firmware is too old …please help me guys i am currently at this new version

@udaychauhan Why U Want To Downgrade …?

@Rey I M From India N Want To Know Should This Build Support VOLTE …?

@Aashu97 Because its full of chineese shit …and i want to downgrade and upgrade to Global …i dknt want to go to service center…please anyone help me guys


We want Long Screenshot on m3 note

How can i dowbload the latest flyme update? It always says that download interrupt? I hope u can help me.


@Alfrancis-Juarez make sure you have a proper internet connection. This usually happens when your connection speed is too slow.

Thanks @Leo-uy.

@Riccardo-Galati see what Leo wrote. We are only here to offer people a place for discussion about Meizu and Flyme without being censored. However, we have no control over Meizu and cannot tell them to add any specific features.

@udaychauhan I Am On Indian Build Of Flyme Looking To Upgrade To Chinese Version For VOLTE Should I…?

@RaghavSingh What Are The Differences Between Indian & This Chinese Firmware Is This Stable & Can Support English Language Should I Upgrade To This…?


@Aashu97 the chinese firmware supports english, however it doesn’t comes with Play Store or any Play Services pre-installed (get Google Installer from the AppCenter). For a more in-depth comparison check out our Wiki. The indian firmware can be compared with the G firmware.

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