High temperature problem

Dear all,

i have my MEIZU MX4 delivered last week with 4.01 ROM on it and everything was quite ok, but without the Greek language.

Then i realized under the “upgrade” up that 4.02 was available…

I immediately run the over the air process and voila… Greek was there too after reboot.

Since yeasterday i started to use it ‘regularly’ by using it as my everyday phone and suddenly discovered that i am facing severe high temperature issues.

First time it gave me a warning of high temperature, after 20 minutes viewing videos on youtube… I was streaming over wifi at the office, showing off to collegues when it gave me a warning, advising me to ??? ‘remove the battery’ ???.

After that, it made another 4 restarts today!!

Is this a known issue?

Does anyone else has this behaviour?

Thank you in advance for any hints or workarrounds!!



Reinstall the latest firmware with Clear data. Remember to make a backup.

Thank you HondaRacer for your reply…

I am going to search for a guide how to do this,

but when you say ‘Clear Data’ what do you mean?

A specific pc application, or reset to factory defaults and then re-install firmware?

And if this is the case, i am not sure where to find the rom and then how to pass it into the mx4… is there another application for that?

Or after factory defaults, the OTA bulit in app will do the job for me??

Thanks for helping out the newbie here!!!

Hope i am not too tiring!!!



1. Backup all your data.
2. Dowload appropriate version of firmware from : http://meizufans.eu/forum/thread-flyme-os-4-0-2-stable
3. Copy it to your mx4 memory.
4. Use Documents app to open the update file. It will ask you to if you want to update the system. There will be an option to select ‘clear data’ (This will erase your app data. So make sure you have made a backup)

If that doesn’t work then :
1.shut down phone
2. Press Vol up + power to boot into recovery mode
3. Copy “update.zip” file into the recovery partition
4. Select system upgrade and clear data ( remeber backup)

So many million trillion thanks!!!

Yupiiie hooreyyy!!

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