Gold version MX4 pre-order starts tomorrow

This is the discussion thread for Gold version MX4 pre-order starts tomorrow. Let us know your comments on this subject here!

Dont know about YunOS, will it replace the FlymeOS or is it some extra option.
Yun seems to mean cloud, from what i read the OS cames orginally from Alibaba named AliyunOS.

Its also hard to get some info on it. On Wikipedia it says its a linux distribution with parts (frameworks) of Android. Basicly Android is also Linux.
Its also said Apps are stored in cloud not on the phone.

What happened to Ubuntu Phone/Touch by the way ?


YunOS will defenitly be an option.

Ubuntu got postponed, which I can understand. It still doesn’t works battery efficient and also misses many apps.
Seeing it from a business point (like Meizu does) it still needs work and so it wouldn’t be a good investment (if you want money quickly).

Does it mean the 64Gb version will be back ?

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