Flyme 3.8.5A test firmware (MX2)


  • When downgrading to a lower version number, you must clear data.
  • If you experience bugs in test firmwares, please leave feedback.
  • Test firmware users can check for upgrades in the System Upgrade menu, ROOT users need to download the full package.

System Upgrade:

  • Added Flyme 4 system upgrade APP.


  • MX2 Dirac HD Sound increased adaptation EP30 headphones:


  • Rename function to increase the lock area and view the document details the function


  • Modify the new alarm when there is no duplication of default logic.
  • Repair alarm pop-up reminder dialog, there is another dialog pops up to remind problems will end.
  • When repairing playing music, the music will not suspend the issue after the alarm goes off.
  • Repair timer animation ends and the timing issue is not the end of the.

The weather:

  • Improve the user experience of small parts Click Change City.
  • Modify the positioning logic, ten seconds after the system starts, if there is a network automatically locate.
  • Modify clouds and fog resource image, optimizing CPU usage problem.
  • Modify the widget data acquisition logic, each city gets only a few small parts needed to display the data, reducing network traffic.
  • Repair some foreign cities incomplete data, resulting in a small part of the problem is displayed abnormal.
  • Repair English oversized fonts, the air quality index page appears the problem of overlapping controls.
  • Repair air index page, overlapping problems between AQI scale ring with AQI value display.
  • When repairing large fonts and English languages, the text under the air quality ranking cross-border issues.
  • Click Share frequent repair air quality problems appear superimposed box.


  • Repair frequent switching unit conversion calculator crash cause.
  • Repair conversion calculator interface does not display navigation prompts questions in windowed mode.
  • Repair calculator and notes are in window mode, the two-level switch can not question each other.


  • After the repair insert a picture, click the Delete button is not completed, the issue can no longer insert pictures.
  • Repair color picker in the black background, old and new color is black can not see the problem.
  • Click on the repair painting quickly undo / redo problem appears unresponsive.


  • Optimization of fuzzy search.
  • Applications within the state do caching account login.
  • When repairing offline source article lists the number of stars and subscriptions displayed as 0 question.
  • Source into the search returned after repair, there are two recommended questions.
  • Repair night mode source search keyword wrong color issues.
  • Repair category display order of the source server configuration is inconsistent with the order of the questions.
  • Repair details in the article does not show up after download pictures in the gallery problem.

Flyme 3.8.5A

Flyme 3.8.5A

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Seem has some updates on weather app for this update. But not sure can use out of China, still not clear. If anyone got try, pls help update result.


Nope, the weather app is still China only.

@‘AOKP’ said:

Nope, the weather app is still China only.

Thanks. Hope they make it before the stable version. They should intend to international version and user too.

Hi! I have noticed that push notification don’t work with this update :(:(. I have installed Google Play Framework, but i don’t know if it affects push notifications.

Hi! I atcually use a 3.7.8a CN fw on my mx2 HK.
I have not particular problem or bug, except for chrome the crash often when I wrote on text fields.

I saw that there are new version of fw, but IIrenein the first opage of this topic that musica not simply upgrade if I have a Root fw (Root i think is when I open system privilege geom menu).

Why this??
The standard upgrade menu say to me to upgrade normally…confirm that I cannot upgrade normally?

How I have to upgrade exactly?

And do you think is batter upgrade to the last test version or downgrade to the only stable version 3.7.3?

Thank you!

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