Install marshmallow 6.0.1on meizu m2 note

Hello guys.I have the meizu m2 note with android 5.1 and i want to install 6.0.1.Which version should i download and how to install it.Thank you

Meizu Pro 5

@Lari13 you simply can’t… There is no android 6 yet

@Kikounet95 How about to download from Nexus factory images?Or i will have problem with kernel and etc?


It won’t work. The images provided by Google are AOSP and made for Nexus devices only.
The drivers included are not even comparable (not even to 1%) with the m2 note.
Furthermore Meizu stated to skip Android 6.0 and jump straight to Android N.

@Rey The flyme 6 will came with Android 6.0.1 leaks said.I read that meizu m2 note cpu(mediatek 6753) is not work with Android N.


@Lari13 this is correct. The chipset or actually the CPU, to be specific, is basically strong enough to handle Android N. But the GPU is simply to weak.

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