Touchscreen gone crazy

Hi guys! Since last night my phone started to act wierd.The touchscreen freezes and the phone start to randomly click the bottom side of the screen,pressing all the buttons,for example when i type sth and this thing happens it types .,. …, and presses send…
I upgraded my from stable to the latest test firmware version,this morning,but it chamged nothing,i also wiped the. .,… app data but no luck?any idea whats wrong?

@Alin-Chenescu If a whole clear data didn’t change anything may be just a faulty screen.
What you can eventually do is to open the phone and disconnect/connect again the screen maybe the connector is not well placed …
and the reset may solve the problem.
If the issue persist it’s a faulty screen and at this point I’am almost sure it is.

Looks like all is working fine noew,i didnt do anything.24h no more probs lu ky.thx for reply

@Alin-Chenescu Yeah it’s strange ! But good to ear everything is fine :D

my phone constantly AUTO PRESSES the BACK Button . … too often after the update.

Hope there is a fix??

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