Hello to everyone!
Yesterday my wife gave me a new Meizu MX5 as a gift.
The phone was ordered from bulgarian online shop and i have 2 more days to return it if i want. The price was 300 US Dollars or 281 Euros.

The first problem that i recognise was that in the box of the telefon there was a Type A Charger, and we in Bulgaria use Type C. This isn’t a big problem, because i have other chargers.
In About phone menu in Settings it says:
Marketing name: MX5
Model: M575H
Android: 5.1
Build number: Flyme
Baseband: MOLY.LR9.W1423.MD.LWTG.CMCC2.MP.V.20.P28, 2016/03/03 16:53

The second problem that is more serious for me is that i can’t force it to make photos at over 16mpix and i can force it to take video on 4k resolution.

So, i tried the included camera app, and there isn’t neither 4k, neither 720p at 100fps.
I tried OpenCamera, i tried only Camera, Camera FV-Lite, CameraMX, LG Camera.
In some of them there is a 4k option, but when i used it the final movie clip is recorded at 640 x 480.

I can’t tell if this phone is made for China, or is it international version?
When i try to use the update icon on the phone, it says that flyme os is the latest version.

So guys, please tell me what to do?