How to update over the air?

Hi i am new to meizu phones, bought the Meizu mX4 online but not sure which version is it, so I have two questions.

Does the phone get updated over the air? Heard there is a Flyme 4.0.2 update out.

Also how do I know which version of the phone is mine?

Yes, it does get OTA updates. You can view the current version in Settings --> About phone.

I cant find an option to update the phone, the options are :

Device Name



Legal Information

Service record

Is it under any of this options?

I am on flyme 4.0 and heard there are new versions, bit how to update to them?

It should be under Detail. Perhaps you need to scroll down.


Under detail I have model number, flymeversion etc but no option to click to check for updates…

This is driving insane :( dont really wanna sell this phone…

search the icons with ballon in the desktop . the names is update … click on it and all good

Oh, I thought you meant to check the version of Flyme. To check for OTA updates, simply press Upgrade from the app drawer.

yes it is there…

Thank you sooo much… weird place to be but it is there :)

One thing I have noticed in the messaging app that I can’t go back and edit something I’ve typed wrong, have to delete the whole msg…

Guys, can someone please tell me when is the next update?

There are so many bugs in the phone (gmail photos not appearing & no attachment option, whatsapp menu key not working & gallery photos not well organised).

Im one of many MX4 users who are experiencing these issues. Would really appreciate if someone help us.


The same problems here :( whatspp menu key isnt working…

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