Meizu Phone Finder

Actually Meizu offers some kind of anti theft service in Flyme OS.
You can locate, lock, shoot pictures and other stuff on the Meizu website.
The phonefinder website is in chinese only and also has no map outside of China.

They also have some App for that. I saw it in the Google Playstore but did not check it out yet.
the descripition is in chinese only so i guess the app will be in chinese only too.

Wouldnt it be great if you can use this app in english at least ?
If it also only uses map for China would be great if you could set google maps or something similar.

Otherwise it would be a waste to use some other app just to have some antitheft protection since the Meizu one seems quite good.

The version in the Meizu App Center is newer and in English. The app is fairly useless if you have only one Meizu device, because well, why would you track the phone that is in your hand right now?

I still prefer Cerberus to anything.

The app is for some other device to track your stolen Meizu phone.
On the other side i have 3 Meizuphones and my wife has also a MX3.

Would be good if the website would be in english too and support the whole world.

Checked the App on a Galaxy S2 works pretty well. Only the location is not very correct, but that could be because of high buildings around me.
Other fuctions as lock, take photos and that stuff also work.
Map is all whole world not only China.

There was an update of the app, even in playstore.
Seems to be multilingual now.
I get german text.

Can someone tell me how to set google maps for the app ? I did test the app on a S4 mini and it was using Google maps to show the location.
On the MX3 it uses BaiDu maps witch is very bad since it only has map data for china.

Bunmp, can someone of the app experts look into this please ? Using Baidu instead of Google maps is kinda crap.
I also noticed another issue with the app… I can only use it for the MX3 on the webpage i can choose for M9 or MX3.

So can no one check on international version if the app uses Google Maps or Baidu ?
The same app uses on different Samsung phones google Maps, on my MX3 CN Version it uses Baidu.
Baidu has no map for Germany so its kinda useless if u live outside of china.

I have a problem with my phone meyzu MX 5 Finder downloaded phone and asked me for my phone number, I continued and then I built a locking access to it I can not do anything Can Helpitalicised text

hello.after install phone finder on my phone and try to active it sudenlly after some presses start to alarm and fade informations and apps then meizu limited.what should i do?

Hi got into a problem my meizu phone got an update.and install the phone finder after activating it alarm is on and after that i cant access my apps and other files.please anyone help me.

Dont know, i use an old version of the phone finder app.

In the old version you just put in your meizu email and the password, then you can use the app and look for the phone that is bound to that meizu account email.

If the app does not work you can also use the web finder.
Should be possible if you log in to your flyme account.

Dont know if this link still works:

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