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Phone is reversed


My phone decided one day out of the blue to turn upside down. It means that while holding the device straight, I see everything upside down and sweeping right became sweeping left (and vise versa) and sweeping up and down turned too.
I downloaded an app that fixed (only while app is running) the reversed view but I can’t get over the axes problem.
Thank you very much.


You maybe want to consider to reflash your firmware with the “Clear data” option.

Usually it should remove any “custom” settings. Another possible issue is that the gyroscope might be broken and therefore causing everything to be displayed upside down.

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Hw u solved pls tell me I also face same problem… Flash many time rom


@lok75 said in Phone is reversed:

Hw u solved pls tell me I also face same problem… Flash many time rom

Consider the gyroscope to be broken.

Bt hw to check gyroscope n screen is rotating in landscape mode is it possible if gryoscope broke…n I had this issue after updating my phone to latest version I also downgraded…
N hw u solved emtn

Hey, I just rooted the device and downgraded to the oldest version possible.
It’s a bit buggy now but at least works

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