Can't login to my flyme account? I want root function.

I buy Meizu Pro 5 from Aliexpress. It have rom no flyme account. I try flash rom to cann’t success. I flash rom to It’s success. but I cann’t login my flyme account, it have flyme account in picture1.
I ask seller, He tell me, his technician flash chiness rom to inter rom for sell but he not sure. he check from 29/09/16 today i cann’t to login.

Around mid Month, I sent mail to I sent invoice and sn to them but them tell me(24/10/16) “According the Sn, your phone’s binding account is not that one you given.” ???

I want to root for some application. Can you help me?

I like Meizu phone but I afraid to have this problem again. (my country no official i will buy Aliexpress only T-T )

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Meizu Pro 5

Nothing can’t really done except exchange/refound from seller

@matibul The problem seems to be that

  • It’s certainly not a new phone because it has already an meizu account wich is linked with this S/N
  • As the error message say you should put the original account then log out correctly

The only way should be to contact meizu with the hope they will take your case seriously and give you answer and to tell them with the proof (invoice , history purchase from aliexpress for the pro 5 etc ) to reset the account in order to log in with yours.

But … yeah a as it was said a refund will be the best solution …

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Seller tell me his technician have many account. Seller don’t know account for my phone.

@matibul That’s not your problem. Or he manage to give you the right account in order to use this phone correctly or just open
a reclamation directly on aliexpress (when did you buy it ?) it’s way better if you have done your payement through paypal.
In this case you are protected by paypal too

Meizu Pro 5

@matibul 135549xxxxx as written I guess. if so technician can login using this ID too

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