[ROOT] Rooting the Meizu M2 ROM (and probably other versions/devices)

Created a throwaway acc just for this one post.

Many guides list KingRoot as the go-to app for rooting.
I haven’t seen KingoRoot mentioned anywhere.
The only one-click-root app that worked for me was KingoRoot available on https://www.kingoapp.com/

Try it and report if it worked for your device/ROM.
The list:

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Meizu M2 working after 3-4 tries.
after that install su apk but first unistall kingoroot apk root permisions

For me it worked in the first try on both G and Y ROM. Although, it does seems like the app hangs at ~90%, but giving it another 20 seconds or so works.

I did the same – uninstalled Kingo and the other two apps that were auto-installed after rooting. Then installed SuperSU which also updated the su binary.

Changing the phone id so that you can install G ROM on a Y device also works well after this rooting (with methods described elsewhere).

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for not working !!!

after 3 tries & 2 soft brick the device have root via kingoroot apk :)

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