Google doesn't work(FULLY)


Google stop working on my meizu m2 note. For a while my phone kept unsycing with my account, I was unable to keep logged for more than a day on the playstore and had to keep removing and adding the account.
Today i noticed my playstore simply disappeared from my phone! i tryed to google the installer on the appstore as i’ve seen some videos of people doing it, and couldn’t find it! Then i downloaded the apk from the lastest version installed it and i couldn’t run it! i couldn’t even add a google account to the phone! and i lost my contacts this way as they were in the account!

Anyone has this problem I really need help.
I can only think of doing a factory reset but even then i dunno if it will fix it :(

thank you for your time

same problem dude with my and i can not upgrade my flyme os 4.5.3 to flyme os 5.1


Are you using the Global firmwares? Can you also tell me which Flyme version it exactly is?

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