Meizu pro 5 4/64 Global - Selling new screen and battery etc. -

Hello :-)

I’m having this Meizu pro 5 with a broken motherboard/main board. Screen and battery is new and there is a small bumb on the back. Everything else is fine.

I’m selling as I cannot find a new motherboard/main board to replace with.

@Mishra Try to ask dragon-tt by mail if they can provide you the mb :) maybe you will be able to still use your phone

@Vympel Thank you for your response :-)

I’ve send them a mail. I have tried several others with no luck. Guess this will be my last try.

@Mishra Hope they can provide you this mb :D a shame to not use such phone
Keep us informate

@Vympel So do I, hope. :-)

Do you know of any significant difference between 3/32 Gb and 4/64 Gb versions? Because the one mb I can get is the 3/32 Gb version.

I have never used this phone, I got it with this fault, with new screen and battery. So it’s not like would experience the difference simply because I nothing to compare with. :-)

@Mishra Mhhh if i’am not wrong on smartphone all module are already build in so memory cpu ram and other modules are already fixed. The difference should be on the specification so if you put the 3/32 you will have the version with 32 Go and 3 Ram instead of the 4/64 that you own now but doesn’t work.
It’s the reason why is so expensive (sometimes it’s unworthy) to change it i imagine if it include all the major components …

About the phone well nothing special excepting the audio chip who can drive Hifi Headphone 250-300 Ohm ( Dt 990 , Akg etc )
for the rest is like an S6.

Btw if you didn’t use it previously be sure that’s the mb who cause the issue

@Vympel Sorry I was not clear, I meant significant difference in the experience between the two versions. I’m aware of the specification difference. :-)

What draw my attention to this phone was the audio chip. indeed! :-)

It sure is the connecting point (connector) on the mb that fails. I have replaced the internal usb flat cable and it’s clear that the battery does not get any power and hence does not charge. Zooming in with a camera on the connector one can see the very small pin seems to have been damaged.

Everything else works. It’s just that power connection to the battery is damaged hence it can not get charged and the phone can not get power without the battery is connected. So it even not an external battery can be used.

Big sigh… :-)

@Mishra No significant difference at all the only things that is a real “plus” on the second version are the 64Go of storage.
Without this to have 3 or 4 Go of Ram is kinda the same everything will run flawless on both version.

@Vympel Oh…there is no sdcard expansion?

Strange I have not heard from dragon-tt, it’s been three days ago now.

@Mishra There is an sd card slot up to 128 Go I think but I mean the “inbuild” memory is in UFS 2.0 wich is way faster that was my point to say it’s a big plus otherwise yeah just use a sd card

:( Well you know … chinese things

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