Problem with turning on

Hi everybody.

I have a problem with turning on the pro6. It is blocked everytime for ages in the part where is written MEIZU with the black page. It is a miracle everytime to turn on the phone. System is last Android version. It is a problem of the phone or I have to update / change something?


Try below given solutions:

1st Way: Check battery charge problem or not

2nd Way: Use Safe mode on your device to check any app is causing problem

Tap & hold power button same time > Power Off > Restart in Safe mode > OK

3rd Way: Use recovery mode on your device

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Meizu m3s

You can try volume up and power button to power on your device. This will enter the recovery. If you cannot enter recovery you device is dead, and only a replacing the main board will help. You may try to recover through fastboot (volume down and power) but it is locked by meizu.

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