FIrmware Corrupt message.
Meizu Pro 5

When I received my phone from China it had an “A” firmware. After some fiddling around I managed to switch it to 'I" (international). Now I’m on

Several times I tried to update with different versions of Flyme 5 (“G” versions) but everytime I’m getting a “Firmware Corrupt” message. Is it right to assume that since I switched to international firmware I need to install G versions now? If yes, than what am I doing wrong?

Would be great if anyone could help. Thanks

Meizu Pro 5

@CaptainGalaxy you probably only succeed in installing the rom. Your device may still be a chinese one.
You can confirm it by installing a A build directly, G one using this
Or convert your device

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Meizu Pro 5

I will try these out and let you know.
Thank you!

Meizu Pro 5

Update from me. I used this instruction to change my region ID to international, and I’m able to flash G ROMs now! Thanks for the help.

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