After Win 10 upgrade my Meizu M2 doesn't connect to PC

Hi everyone! I’ve got a weird problem.
After I had got the new update of Windows 10 (of the the minor ones), my Meizu M2 stopped connecting to my PC via USB. However, I can see some of the folders in file explorer if I connect it life PTP. When trying to connect as MTP, I see nothing.

This is not a problem of the PC, because I’m still able to use other devices (other phones) and everything works as it has to, but the ony this Meizu m2 doesn’t want to perform like others.

After some manipulations I understood that the problem conceals in drivers: it is set incorrectly. However, I tried to reinstall them and as a result got the same result - nothing works. Moreover, I have switched the debugging mod on and nothing has changed.

So I ask your help, guys. Everything was OK some days ago and after this upgrade nothing works. Help me please!

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