Hey guys,
yesterday, I came home and start charging my phone. But the display does not light up as usually. So I unlucked phone manually and realize, the lightning (that symbol for charging) is not next to the battery status. So I was little bit scared about broken usb connector. So I unplugged phone from charger. But battery shows 50% … about 2 hours. Then it shutdown itself (phone ran out of power). So i connect it on the charger again, and phone showed battery stat on black screen and it was charging. (You know…when you have shutted off phone and coonect i on charger. System doesnt boot up, just screen with battery and percentage). But when I turn on, it again says “50%”. I let it charge for about 2,5 hours. Battery status was showing still 50%, but when I reboot, it was showing 100%. So I started to find some more info about this problem. But google didnt find something, what could be useful for me.
My next problem is with connection to pc…Since the problem with charging appear. Phone is charging, but doesnt connect with pc (tried notebook, desktop). I cant see “meizu” in windows explorer. But I have set “MTP” in connect as.
I have bad battery (the phone is shutting down when it was around 40%, but I know it has got low capacity), so I planned to buy new one. But is it worth it? Will it solve problem?
Maybe its because I install new firmware (…but really dont know.
Thanks for help guys :)