Flyme OS stable (MX3)


  • More unified, more efficient T-type interaction rules.
  • Interactive more friendly, more refined visual, animation more delicate.
  • Add: Accessibility Add accessibility options.
  • New: increase the call when the floating notification floating mute function.
  • Added: long shot function, while long press the power button and the volume keys to increase the key trigger.


  • Add: In the phone settings to increase the “call flash reminder” switch, standby mode, the call trigger switch.
  • Add: notification and status bar Add “shortcut switch management”, add VPN, screenshots, mobile hotspots and other switches.
  • Added: Flyme Classic mode entry.


  • Add: “Remove Blacklist” function.
  • Add: Contact “job” information.
  • New: Press and hold the call log to copy the number.
  • Optimize: support click on the picture.


  • Add: customer service assistant account, support online chat.
  • Add: independent online yellow pages, a direct link to online services.
  • Added: Support for quick reply to floating notification SMS and copy the verification code.
  • SMS card: Smart SMS upgrade, automatically extract the key message notification class messages, generate beautiful and clear “SMS card”.

File Management

  • Optimization: File Management - Image - All File Picture View Logic.
  • Optimization: Lock-in area upgrade strategy optimization.


  • Add: GIF shooting mode, easy to self-expression package.


  • Optimization: Gallery refresh rate.

Voice Assistant

  • Optimization: Voice Assistant will now recommend more exciting content for you. To chat with the creek, poetry, flowers can talk about the next month.


  • New: Support floating notice, avoid operation interrupted.
  • Add: card multi-task list, long press to lock a single application.
  • Add: enter the “organize icon” mode, shake the desktop quickly restore clean.
  • New: When a folder is created, the folder is automatically named according to the application type.
  • Add: long press the desktop to select “organize icon”, select the icon to move to a different batch of different desktop or folder.
  • New: Multi-task list Create split-screen mode, using two applications, adjustable window ratio (only supports some applications).


  • New: Calendar notification alert switch.
  • Added: Settings to support the closure of the display of past events and reject events.
  • New: Meeting invitation support to share in the form of images, optimize the guest input experience.
  • Optimization: Home calendar invitation list display, “Reject” add to the line, “To be determined” ashes.


  • Added: Timer volume control.
  • Add: Alarm Ringtone setting Add “Ringtone” entry.
  • Add: Add the world clock by adding the city search function by nationality.
  • Optimization: modify the lock screen alarm clock UI, UI look better, no bed, is that simple.

Status Bar

  • Optimization: lock screen notification more than one screen when the problem is hard cut, so that lock screen notification more beautiful.
  • Optimization: Immersive status bar effect.


  • Added: weather plug-in support automatically according to the color of wallpaper color, increase the color icon.
  • Added: Share detailed weather information with long screenshots.
  • Add: In the city management interface directly displays the weather information of different cities.
  • New: weather warning function, support and friends to share early warning information.


  • New: offline radio function, WLAN environment automatically update the offline music library.
  • Add: for the favorite single, a key to roaming similar songs.


  • Added: video subscription feature, support for updating reminders, chase drama more easily.
  • Added: comment function, support for the comments like.
  • Added: support for favorite video points like.
  • Optimization: video playback power performance, reading a set of “Gintama” There are so many electricity, continue with the dead fish eye together.


  • New: New theme switching function, built-in 12 different plate and font themes.
  • Add: Add new notes search, find more convenient.
  • Add: to share notes in text form.
  • Add: directly into the drawing board graffiti.
  • Added: Support automatic number creation when editing notes.
  • Add: Insert recording to add recording animation.
  • Add: plug-in support for new recordings and photos quickly, support the show all notes content.


  • Add: Adds the account according to the mailbox type, automatic configuration account information.
  • Added: theme cards support gesture zoom, more easily browse the details.
  • New: Add attachments management function to optimize the display position of attachments in messages.
  • Optimization: greatly improve the search speed, highlight the keyword.


  • Add: Toolbox App.
  • Flashlight: support third gear brightness adjustment and SOS mode.
  • Mirror: support normal, distorted, rotating, symmetrical four mirror effect.
  • Compass: supports azimuth and latitude and longitude display.
  • Level: visual level of view.
  • Shortcuts: Support for common tools to add as desktop shortcuts.

Input Method

  • Added: Candidate drop-down bar, to enhance the speed of word selection.
  • Add: full-screen handwriting keyboard, enter more casual.
  • New: independent symbol keyboard, support for locking symbol Keyboard continuous input symbols and expressions.
  • Add: enter the input method setting interface, select whether to open the key vibration.
  • Optimization: handwriting input, the default input of the first word directly into the edit box, the first word of the confession: the power of the primitive jump into the edit box.
  • Optimization: Pinyin Lenovo state, click “,” “.” “0” key on the screen logic problems.

User Center

  • Add: Standalone User Center App.
  • User level: (new) user rating system, upgrade the level of access to more privileges.
  • Supplement: (Supports) Additional user details.
  • Points Center: (support) exchange gifts, earn points, points lottery.

Mobile Phone Steward

  • Added: The harassment intercept moves to the security center, supports intercepts the unknown number and the hidden number.
  • Add: garbage clean-up whitelist, application cache, redundant installation package, application uninstall residual support Add a white list, to avoid mistaken clean-up.
  • Added: regular cleaning “scan and clean up” option, clean up the garbage more peace of mind.
  • New: Traffic Management - Settings, add “notification column shows traffic information” switch.
  • Add: mobile phone acceleration, clear the resident background, speed up the phone running speed.
  • New: fast physical examination and a key optimization, without waiting, into the interface will be able to know the phone health, a key to fix all the problems.
  • Add: application of whitening, support detection cottage applications, to eliminate security risks.
  • Added: limit power saving mode, the lock screen to increase the remaining capacity information display - Added: high power consumption tips, easy to seize the background steal the application.

App Store

  • New: Collaborate with the most beautiful applications to discover small and beautiful applications.
  • New: App details page Add an app label display to make it easier to see similar apps.
  • Add: Application Details page Add application details access to show the entrance, before the installation can understand the application of detailed permissions.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

  • What is the Android version? Is it 5.0.1?
    ** The answer is yes
  • Can I use this package with International Phone version?
    ** The answer is yes, but the language is only chinese (3 different one) and english
  • What I heard is the A version is full with chinese apps and without google applications. Is that true?
    ** There is some chinese app, but you can delete it all
  • It is contain Google play? Is it works
    ** No, but you can download it easily. Here is a really short tutorial:
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if i am at 3.7.3 i have to update to and then to, or just jump from 3.7.3 to

You can upgrade to this immediately.

Just download the bin file and convert it to a zip, go to documents folder and open the copied zip. That’s it.

For conversion the app is in the first comment here:

Or you could use mine:

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It’s working like a charm for me, the rom is full of new settings and tweaks, I am so glad there are still updates for it!
It feels very smooth if you freeze useless apps and reset every 3 days or so. For once I don’t wanna come back on flyme 3

except a few details are still bothering me:

  • playstore incompatibility remains (solved installing markethelper and setteing the phone as a galaxy s4)
  • music lockscreen widget messing with pattern unlock (I had to disable the widget)
  • miss DIRAC sound, dunno if I can turn it back on this one…

I was hesitating to switch for a mx5 (can find it for 200 € in France, 32GB version!) but my mx3 feels so smooth, battery is still ok after 2 years and I really enjoy the camera which is very good for a 8 mpx. moreover the size of the screen and the device is perfect for me, so I think I am gonna wait a bit more. If only there was a cyanogenmod or a custom rom for this device!

I’ve seen someone working on a beginning on, CM rom on a chinese forum but I can’t find it anymore…


Is it possible to get International version with all languages? Thanks


@Damjan-Kovač so far no global version of Flyme 5 for the MX3 has been released. What you can do though is to use morelocacle2 to get your apps running in the language you like.

@rey said in Flyme OS stable (MX3):

@Damjan-Kovač so far no global version of Flyme 5 for the MX3 has been released. What you can do though is to use morelocacle2 to get your apps running in the language you like.

How can I download this application? How do I use morelocacle2?

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