Some apps won't run

I’ve got probems with some apps. I heve v5.1.10.0 rom , but there was the same problem in earlier build. The phone is international version.

Apps that wont run: LUXMED
AND Bilkom

It looks like this:

I’ve tried to clean and install the apps and factory reset the phone - still doesnt work.

Any ideas?

Meizu Pro 5

Aren’t these apps are offering “GPS” features such as the nearest point of interest? If so I guess they are using map framework and it is not available…

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There is a “near me” feature in luxmed app, i use other apps with this feature, so whats does couse this problem?

Meizu Pro 5

Something with your device / configuration as it seems I can use it… Asking support directly from creators is probably the best option 0_1476830653523_S61019-244405.jpg

Thanks Kikounet95 for checking! I’m new to meizu, whats the best way to report this bug?

Meizu Pro 5

@szanka you shouldn’t get in touch with Meizu but with apps development. Check at the store…

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