Flyme OS test firmware (m3 note)

Red Bags Assistant

  • Red Packet Assistant new support QQ grab red envelopes, so you no longer miss every red envelope.


  • Fingerprint unlock and screen lock to achieve separate settings to meet your needs in different scenarios to unlock.
  • In the phone password / password to increase the screen inside the voice assistant switch, an excellent protection of the charm of the faithful faithful privacy.
  • In the application of encryption and document lock area settings in the item to increase the associated Flyme account switch, forgot password can log Flyme account reset password, password too? Forget it does not matter.


  • Migrate voice input to spacebar, long press to recognize and input, first use supported language selection.
  • Adjust the logic of the falling input symbol to make the input more sensitive and precise.

Phone Guardian

  • Modification of traffic modules, optimized for polling and correction of traffic.

Global search

  • Added support for video search, variety, film, TV and animation 4 kinds of video can be searched.


  • Add sign-in function, sign-in will receive points, coupons and other incentives.
  • Check-in coupon will be used for book arrival and can be viewed in “Personal Center - My Coupon”.

Problem improvement

  • The following is the charm of faithful in the use of the process encountered and feedback, after debugging engineers have been resolved. In order to avoid encountering these problems again, we recommend that you upgrade this firmware.


  • In the bright state, pressing the Power key can not turn the screen off or on.
  • Part of the application interface mBack return failure.

File management

  • File management in the QQ small video and WeChat video is not displayed.


  • Some holidays on the Desktop Calendar Plugin are not displayed.

Power consumption

  • Media services and cloud services consume large amounts of electricity.


  • The mirror mode of the camera self-timer is disabled.
  • Click on the screen to focus and the tone is mixed with noise.
  • From the lock screen interface into the camera, the preview screen instantly inverted.
  • Take pictures using the square mode, the imaging range extends downwards than the framing range.
  • Open the camera to set up, return to display a black screen, switch the front camera crashes.


  • Mismatch when inputting using handwriting input method.
  • The keyboard is automatically hidden while using the input method.
  • horizontal and vertical screen to switch the screen, there are two keyboard overlap.
  • When the system language is English, the name of the bottom of the text is displayed in a superimposed manner.
  • Chinese keyboard, click to see more candidate words, long press the delete key when the keyboard flash.


  • After the desktop lock screen, re-unlock it appears in other application interface.

Theme landscaping

  • enter the personalized interface to select the flashback after the wallpaper.


  • The vignette function is disabled while editing the picture.


  • The caller floating notification number is not aligned with the icon.

Notification Bar

  • QQ message received after the drop-down notification bar, then received the QQ message and shortcut switches overlap.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

i would install it on m3 note version L international i can???

I make Luca’s words mine. Can I install this in my L681H version?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english!

After installation this version firmware I’m unable to install version. beta version doesn’t contains Google play services and most of the apps don’t run without this. Manual installation also don’t work, and also this does not have “only 3g mode” as it had in earlier, all are in automatic mode, can not access only particular network.
So please any idea how to return in previous version, please tell me.

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Meizu Pro 5

Nothing new : you have a Chinese device and is restricted to Chinese building (A version). It have been modded by seller to have G…
Also A build never contains Google applications and if needed you have to install them manually.
Check wiki and use search tool for workarounds

@Luca-Di-Nardo Forget this place mate, no one will answer our questions. The meaning of the word “forum” is quite distant from what it really means here!
There’s no need for a place like this, cause you have to do everything by yourself without any help from anyone.

Google search still better!

Play store and google not working.
i want to restore my factory version.
Give ideas frnds plz…

Meizu Pro 5

@godaraaa apply same process for downgrading

@Kikounet95 I have already tried bro, but it display error ‘this firmare is too old’. How to downgrade now? Plz help
I already have the zip file to downgrade

@godaraaa @Policarp-Lakra that’s because you’re using “A” version of the firmware and in China some services like some of the Google is restricted but you can always install them manually from the Meizu App Store just type in “google installer” and click install, done!

I’m using myself and Google services work perfectly fine.

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Witam wszystkich . Mój problem jest następujacy . Na posiadającym Meizu M3 note,z głupoty chyba zainstalowałem chinskie firmware … teraz chcę wrócić z powrotem do international version ale za każdym razem pokazuje ze "firmware is old version " do aktualizacji potrzebuje nowszej wersji . Czy da się jakoś zrobić downgrade /upgrade do starszej wersji z chińskiej na wersje polską ? Proszę o pomoc !

Hello all . My problem is as follows. For having the Meizu M3 note, the folly unless Chinese install firmware … Now I want to go back to the international version but each time shows the “firmware version is old” needs to update a newer version. Is it possible to somehow make a downgrade / upgrade to an older version of Chinese version Polish? Please help !

which android is it? Lollipop or marshmallow?

@Luca-Di-Nardo nn u can’t :/ we can’t install A ver on m3 note L

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