Mx5 yellowish screen tint

I recently bought a used mx5. And i noticed that it has a yellocish tint on it’s screen.
Here is a comparaison photo between my mx5 and my brother’s m2.
Is it normal ? If it is not, is there any fix ?
Thank you very much

No reply ! Why ? Please help me

Meizu Pro 5

Hummm… Not easy to give you the correct answer. I do hesitate between 2 options :

  • 5 hours between your two post isn’t enough. You are impatient.
  • screenshot already contains the solution

Sory for being impatient
Can youguve me the 2 answers ?
You tild me the screenshot contains the solution, but even when i set it to the maximum cold it is still visibly very yellowish
Thanks for your answer

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