Firmware corrupt + bootloop. Also totally new with my m1.

Hey people.

I friend of mine give me his old m1, so he told that I should do a hard reset, to recover the phone to brand new so I did it. Perfect that’s when I start having some troubles:

  • It starts a bootloop, so I have to shut down the phone.
  • When I get into the hard reset menu I always get a firmware corrupt message.

I have tried some different firmware but i don’t know which one to get, the ones I have tried always give me the same message “Firmware Corrupt”.

Please someone could give me a hint of advise or a solution. Thanks people.

There are 2 version A (Chinese) G (Global) one of these should work without showing any corrupt firmware
The new update should be on the root of the phone (not in any folder just open like flash drive and paste there)

@Vympel I have tried with one version of flyme like you told me, and nothing the same message. The versions were and

  • What should I do now, tried with a Flyme 4 update?
  • There is another way to do a hard reset.
    Thx for everything.
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@Origanne Yes try to downgrade to another version Flyme 4 or Another Flyme 5 version … try both version (A-G)
It would be helpful if you remember the build number and the version ( A - G )
It’s possible that the reseller who sell to your friends have put a modded rom wich include multi lang but run on A build
in this case you need to find exactly the same rom.
But still usually even if it’s a modded rom by installing any A rom it work … are you sure the update is on the root of the phone and not on the sd or else ?

Another way … you can take a look on SP flash maybe but carefull with this tools
And actually your phone is still in bootloop you haven"t any acces to it right ?

@Vympel Hey Vympel thank you so much for your help. In the end it was just to get the right version of Flyme. Finally it was not it works perfect. Now is it possible to upgrade it and move it to Global version of it??

@Vympel Well, phone update with global firmware and it goes perfect. Thank you Vympel.

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