Can't login on flyme account on my phone


I can’t log in to my flyme account on my Meizu note 3. I can log in on Internet with my phone number. But on my phone I can’t add a flyme account because I can’t type my phone number in right. I can’t enter my country number before my phone number… It is +32 (belgium). I tried just 32 and 0032 but it doesn’t work. Where can I find my flyme account name? It should be… But where can I see my username?

Pls help! I need those root privileges


@Lioneldk Create a new account without the phone number and log on with your username and it should be fine

But how can I register without phone… I need the verification number… And can’t select any other option to register with…
Can you send a link to the register page?

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@Lioneldk the only way is to do that in chinese

1 . Account flyme

  1. Password
  2. Email
    4.verification code that you get to the mail
    Then connect the same account to your phone and it’s done there is an english version but once someone can’t get the verification code with this but works perfectly with chinese one so try and see

Thanks for the quick replies. Gonna try it right away!

Oké thanks it worked! Now I have to try to log in on the note 3. But my dad has it now. Will try it tomorrow. He really loves the phone! But I need it rooted so I can delete some system apps. Thanks guys! I will reply if it worked out for me but I think it will work.


I can log in but… I can’t seem to root the device. I logged in, pressed fingerprint and security and pressed root access. But I don’t have to put in my password again…

Pls help

@Lioneldk Isn’t your device already rooted btw ? Can you install supersu and update the binary ?

No, I made a flyme account, logged in, opened fingerprint and security, pressed root access but nothing special happens… I installed SU and tried to update the binary normal but it doesn’t work. Also root checker says I’m not rooted. What do I have to do when I press root access in the fingerprint and security settings? Cause I just see some apps and I selected per app that the root access is granted… But… Yeah…
Nothing happens. I really need it rooted cause I want to delete some system apps. Should I update the firmware? I read about that… Or install busybox?

Thanks for the replies

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@Lioneldk If your device isn’t rooted yet the first time you acced to the root menu you should see some warning about the risk of rooting and you must check a popup to allow the root then it ask the password and reboot and it’s done.
What you describe to me is the menu from a rooted device mine pro 5 when i go in root i have the apps that are allowed to use the root etc … same as you it seems

You will not be able to delete system apps (chinese apps etc unless you convert your rom to the Global )
You can try to install busy box but i’am sceptical cause from what you tell me you already have the root

Btw what’s your build (real g or A or A converted to G) ?


I’m gonna check it later because it’s my dad’s phone. I already downloaded the so I will try it next time I see him. Thanks again!


I just downloaded Kingroot and installed it, opened it… Did not need to root… I tried deleting a system app and it worked. I checked the root with the root checker app and now it says I’m rooted! Thanks for all your help! I just needed root and that’s fixed! Thanks thanks!


@Lioneldk thank you so much Lioneldk it worked oh god i flashed chinese, global rom but didnt worked but your trick worked thnks a lot

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