Where can i find "original" mx4 camera module and camera glass?

Hi evryone, i bought a mx4 32 gb int. version 1.5 years ago and unfortunately my phone slipped my hand and rear camera glass was broken. With broken glass i used my phone 1-2 months . İ didn’t send the official service because official Turkey services was clsoed. Nobody knew what happend service. so i searched spare parts for my phone and i bought a camera glass via aliexpress, which is glass was terrible because it had a few scratches immediately. Original glass hadn’t a scratch after 1.5 years. Because of broken glass, my camera module had scratch and it effected camera performance. I love my phone and its camera and i want to change with “original parts” but i don’t know where i buy because i don’t trust nowhere except official platform.
Is there anyone have camera module and camera glass or Is there any platform where i buy “original” part?
thanks a lot
Have a nice day.

@Serdar-Kılıç http://www.dragon-tt.com
They have the camera module but I don’t see any camera glass so suggest to send them an email and ask them directly for the camera glass.
They can provide other parts that doesn’t appear on their store.

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