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Hi, i don’t know what to do:( I just got my first meizu pro 6 phone from oppomart. I turn the phone on connect to my wlan and from that moment i started receive commercials on my phone screen. I was first thinking what the he** and then opened the browser see if i really have connection to internet. I opened one website i made that blocs the all the connection outside Europe and from that point i realized my connections goes to China not in Finland. Anyway i manage install AVG from google play store and i scan my phone from potential threaths and AVG found 50 of these in my phone. My question is is this normal so that everyone who got meizu pro 6 have root their phones or do i just have bad luck?:) I would not like send this phone back to oppomart because i really need a new phone, but since i have not done rooting before don’t know to do it and will it make any difference? Need your opinion and help. Thanks!

sounds strange alright. What firmware are you running on? you could overwrite it with the the international version marked “G”

Hi, i have Flyme

Meizu Pro 6

@Topi If Oppomart has put some customised firmware on your phone then just reflash it with a firmware from Meizu.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the AVG results. All the Flyme apps such as gallery, dialer, email etc often show up as potential threats in these antivirus apps. I just checked with AVG on my Pro 6 running international firmware and I got 37 potential threats.

@generationally Hi how do i reflash i have never done that before.

Meizu Pro 6

@Topi Download the firmware using your phone from here:

Then open the Flyme file manager called Files. Find the downloaded firmware zip file using the file manager (I think the zip file will be in your Download folder). Open the zip file and the app will ask you if you want to install the firmware. Press yes and phone will reboot and new firmware will be installed.

Note that there is an option to ‘wipe data’ when installing. I recommend that you choose that in order to get completely clean new installation. You will lose any apps you have installed and accounts that you may have set up. Also Google services will be removed but you can easily install Google services using the Google Installer from the Meizu app store. Personal stuff such as pictures, videos, music etc that you have put on your phone won’t be deleted.

Thanks @generationally for advice i have now tested that for two times with this and i keep getting same error says “Firmware corrupt” with ! yellow triangle surrounded. I just downloaded in to win7 pc and transfer it via USB3 cable to root. Any ideas?

Meizu Pro 6

@Topi Hmm, this is not an uncommon problem. It is not necessarily because the firmware is actually corrupt but it may be because the phone does not allow you to install that particular firmware. It could have something to do with Oppomart’s modification of your firmware?! Have you tried re-downloading the firmware just in case the download got corrupted?

You can try installing the global firmware instead but I expect you will get the same firmware corrupt message since you have firmware.

If that doesn’t work then I hope someone else can help you with reinstalling the firmware. I don’t know how to work around the firmware corrupt message.

You can also try with one of the older 5.x.x.xA firmwares. For some of the other Meizu devices, it was sometimes possible to downgrade to an older version without the corrupt firmware message and then the phone was able to upgrade to the latest firmware without the firmware corrupt message. But I don’t know if this is possible in your case.

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Hi @generationally i downgrade now to Seems that only possible down -or upgrade versions are these A versions not G. Anyway now i got stuck with this and my win7 does not recognize this phone anymore. So now in this point i really don’t know anything else to do than give up. Any ideas anyone?

Does anyone know how to change Flyme to ? I have tried many different downloads and still getting “Firmware corrupted” warning. I can downgrade and upgrade different A-versions of my firmware but not to change it to G-version.

Thanks @Vympel this works great!

i am reading your comments and that is making me remember my own experience. i have bought a m3s in allegrecompra and when i recived my device at home it has the chinese version. A. All is ok, but when i was trying to make it international to support global roms, i found a problem. it didnt work as it should. when i tried to root it by ussing the flyme metod, in the seetings of the phone, i cant do it. something has been changed in some moment.
seeing that extrange situation i decided to change the rom to keep my hands in a safe place, and i have installed the chinesse official version at the first moment. after flashed it, all things in the device were been solved and all was working as usual. to end the transformation i followed the steps to make it compatible with global versions, and know i am using
so, could these cases be more usual than we thought?

@juandvila Yes it’s more usual than people think. Many reseller do this “trick” to sell it to European people version that they advertise as “Global” but in fact it’s just a modded rom wich include multi lang but still running on A/Y/U/C version.
Many problem coming from this modification and a lot of people are bashing Meizu/Flyme to be that and that and don’t read about their issue on forums and maybe never solve their problem wich lead to say meizu and flyme sucks

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