MX5 screen distortion / not working issue

My phone is just over a year old. It recently developed a wierd screen problem that has made using the device very difficult.

When I attempt to bring the phone out of sleep (eg., by pressing the power button), the screen either does not turn on or is completely distorted (sometimes accompanied with flickering) if it does turn on.

In fact, someone else has posted a video of this exact problem here:

Phone details:
Meizu MX5 (India)
Rooted: Yes (although I doubt this is causing the problem; I rooted it using Flyme’s official option for the same)

P.S.: My phone’s fingerprint sensor and back button stopped working about a month ago.
This device has turned out to be a bad investment for me :(

the way he squeezes it and it comes on seems like a loose connection to me. you could open it up and make sure all the ribbon cables a securely clipped in. I dropped my mx4 and the speaker cable popped out and it worked intermittently til i opened it and secured the cable.

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