Unable to root my m3

Hi Everyone,
i have the meizu m3 (m668q) installed with flyme
i have read thru all the guides that describe how easy it is to root and convert the phone to G version.
unfortunately, none of the described methods seem to work on my phone.
not sure if it’s the version I’m running, or changes made to latest flyme, i do not have the root option built in to the settings of the flyme account nor anywhere else in the phone.
i have tried to download and install the mzaccount.apk - it pops up a message saying "Account Center 5.7.3 is replaced by 5.0.4 " when i click ok and install it disappears and a small ballon apears and say “app not installed”.
i have tried all the other apps like kingroot.net - which says it does not have a solution.

any idea?
in general, I’d like to change to 5.1.10G in order to get rid of all the chinese system messages and be able to choose hebrew as the system language.

please help!!!

If you reall yneed root in your m3, then:

flash only system.img from 5.1.10Y (there’s a system.img with su aleady injected so the root will be kept)

see here:

@kokotonix - i don’t need root. - do i have any other option to move from to

so if i downgrade to I’ll be able to root, modify and then install the G version?

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