My MX3 only charges when it's off

It’s so weird - yesterday I woke up and I couldn’t recharge my Meizu anymore. Afterwards I discovered that I can only charge it when it’s turned off. It does not charge when it’s on.
My FW is 3.7.9A.

Any ideas?

Any help would be appreciated!

Install latest firmware with Clear data.

I did so; it worked well.

But then I decided to clean data again - with erasing all the stuff from my phone.
After I did it, the problem came back. I can’t even plug it to my computer.

And I’m 6000 kilometers from China.
I hate my Meizu right now.

Meizu MX5

I have the same issue with my mx3, I already cleared data a few times but the problem came back after few days. Does someone has any solution?

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