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Mx4 pro Broken screen
Meizu MX4 Pro

So ive finally done it ive broken my screen. But now the complete touch screen doesnt work anymore. The page ive bought on doesnt exist anymore and they refuse me on a page called, which is as useless as the other page. Ive tried to create a repair “ticket” as they call it three times already and they send me an email with “sry we cant find your task” so i search a toutorial for replacing the f**** screen by myself. Can somebody help me ?

Heres the teardown of the MX4 Pro dude

I’ve just ordered parts for an MX4 and MX5 of these guys but haven’t received them yet so can’t say how good the quality is. I ordered the Screen assembly which is Screen, Digitzier and frame all in one

Any questions shout me up. I repair electronics for a living.

I bought a few components from dragon-tt and always recieved quality product they have a ‘solid’ reputation.
Also They have multiple partnership(maybe meizufan should do the same it’s always good to have reliable reseller) with tech forum and fan community so you can trust them.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@eamonn78 thanks but this guide doesnt show how to replace the screen :( . And 58 $ for a fucking 5.5" glass ?!

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Meizu MX4 Pro

This would also fit, doesnt it?? And Coasts only 28 $

Its $58 dollars for the frame, digitzier and screen (not just the glass) which will make your repair so much easier because it comes fully assembled so you just need to transfer parts onto the new frame. Replacing just the screen is quiet a tricky job and can be very time consuming. If you haven’t got much experience working with electronics the extra 30 bucks is worth it. Heres a tutorial for the mx4 which should be very similar and this is just to replace the glass

Theres a few people on here who have had problems buying stuff from the link you supplied so be careful if you do order from there.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@eamonn78 ok thanks for the advice ill watch this and then ill decide wether its worth the work or not

Meizu MX4 Pro

@eamonn78 yesterday i disassembled my mx4 pro and removed the lcd and touch screen. so ill probably buy something like this or this. the problem with the second screen is that there is no lcd sent with and i dont know what kind of glue ill have to use to stick the touch glass and the lcd panel together. i would prefer the other link in my previous post (aliexpress) but the shipping duration is so ridiculously long. and at dragon-tt the glass with panel costs 50$ wich is also ridicolous because on amazon its only about 40$ with free shipping and its here in 3 days max. so what should i do in your opinion?

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