Meizu 5 PRO - Cannot connect with PC

Hi all,
Can anyone please help me.
I cannot connect my phone with any PC (I tried with many PC and never connects).
When I connect usb cable it charges, but I select Media device (MTP) and all other options and nothing happens.

Can you please tell me what can i do to solve this problem and to PC to transfer files?

I already did that and still not working.
Probably is someting on phone.

@jfpmarques It’s unusual
Can you provide me your actual build and if your phone is root or not?
Also how long do you own the phone ?

Build is Flyme and it is not rooted.
I have phone probably since last year

@jfpmarques You can also give a try to that link
Or eventually try to root : Settings > Fingerprint & Security > Root > Reboot > Done > Enjoy (You should have a meizu account)

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