Mx4 pro digizer construction question

I am wondering what is the constrution of the touch panel.
My main question is: Is the digitizer included in the first layer of glass? So that when the front layer breakes the touch screen stops responding to any king of touch? Or is it included in the inner layer just like in the case of Iphone or Samsung where shaterring the front glass panel does not couse the touch to stop responding and the phone is still usable even with the broken screen.

I dropped my MX4 and the glass was perfect but it had dead spots in the screen when it came to touch so it was the digitzier I damaged and replaced it fairly handy. Screen, digitzier and frame cost me €40 or so (complete assembly) and replaced the whole thing in about 15 minutes. My friend dropped a speaker onto his MX5e and smashed the screen but the touch function still works perfect. I bought the assembly with the screen and digitzier and took me about the same to replace it. I reckon the MX4pro would be the same.

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