Meizu M3s general impressions

Hi guys,

first post here. I just wanted to ask M3s users about their general impressions: are there any bugs, how the camera performs, how’s battery life/sot, etc. A friend of mine is about to buy a M3s for his wife, she’s not a geek, so I really hope the phone performs fine out of the box. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

I have owned m3s for 2 weeks.
I’m not fully disappointed with this device which is enough for my daily use, but if you’re looking for something performing fine ‘out of the box’ you should address to some other brand.
Flyme is a nice android custoimization with tons of bugs (more or less annoying), camera is adequate for the price range, battery life is good.
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I forgot…
mback button is really awesome

Its bit early, but my first general impressions
(a) Flyme doesn’t offer alot of things to stock android and I don’t see the point of adding such a heavy UI in a phone, especially if it keeps your brand new device in Lollipop by the end of 2016…
(b) Three or four times already in 40 days of use, phone asks me to enter pins to reconnect to my sims. Bug or hardware failure? Of course if you have your phone in pocket, you will not realise that you have lost network connection
(c ) camera is so and so, as is screen. Of course I know I have not bought a super amoled phone, still, if you go from a super amoled to M3s you will notice the difference in quality easily
(d) Quality of call could be worse than my previous phones, but this might be my impression, not sure

The good things: Good battery time, light and cheap two sim device.

Would I buy it now? No, especially due to flyme. I just hope someone would port cyanogen or ubuntu touch, though.

thanks for the feedback, guys. my friend bought the phone to his wife, and she’s happy with it so far. not a hard core user, though, and they are aware that no phone comes close at this price point.

your thoughts on flyme got me thinking, though. the pro 6 looks very tempting, but in case flyme sucks, i’ll look elsewhere.

i have my m3s for a bit more than a month. in my case my device didnt make that bugs with sim. i am a bit more than a common user, i like to play a bit hard with roms and so on, and cause of that i have applied for becoming a beta tester.
by the moment, i can say that according to the price i think this phone offers a good quality and it works fluid with no important bugs,(by the moment). about flyme… its something personal, i like it but this is question of use. you should play to know the game. and the battery, as others said before, is very very optimized.
you could ask your wife’s friend to lend you her device for some days to test it, and then you can give us your impresions.

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