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Hello guys anyone can tell me how to shut off media service process forever? That process drain my battery very fast.0_1476084918321_S61009-19592264.jpg

I had this problem recently on my mothers M2. It turned out that it was the download/download manager services had crashed. Forced stop both of them and cleared data and cache. It hasn’t happened since. The phone battery was draining within a few hours. Its back to normal now.
Worth a try if you haven’t figured anything else out.

Thanks, i will try, hope it will help. Maybe more ppl will sahre their experience with that problem.

@eamonn78 Damn it didnt help to me :(

@pinciuk said in Media service:

@eamonn78 Damn it didnt help to me :(

what model are you using dude?

this is a good read and might help finding a solution

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